Long Range Planning

Providing schools and spaces where students can feel safe, be engaged and develop their skills and talents is crucial to serving our growing and diverse community.

Facilities Planning Committee

The district's Facilities Planning Committee developed a multi-year Long-Term Facility Plan that will help the Richland School Board determine when, where and how to build schools in the future.

Facilities Planning Committee Charge

Study & Survey

The Study and Survey is a comprehensive document that includes all factors related to all school facilities in the district. It is required as part of the School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP) from the Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI) for future school construction projects.

A Study & Survey is a long-range planning study which includes the following:

  • An analysis of current and future education programs and needs.
  • Current enrollment of student populations and projections of future enrollment.
  • Assessments of existing school facilities and their adequacy to meet educational needs.
  • Current square footage calculations of all buildings, additions, and improvements.
  • Assessment of building conditions including systems, subsystems, physical conditions and compliance with codes and regulations.
  • Considerations for high-performance building requirements,
  • Evaluations of financial resources and the Long Range Educational and Facilities Plan.

Study & Survey