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Mariana Trench focus of Enterprise debate

Public speaking and debate skills were on display this week when students in Lisa Corning’s 7th grade ELA class at Enterprise Middle School discussed the pros and cons of this question…. “Would further exploration of the Mariana Trench be worthwhile?” The students worked together in small groups to research the question and learn both sides of the issue.

“The debate format challenged the students to present their oral arguments in a focused and logical manner,” says Corning.

The Mariana Trench is a crescent-shaped trench in the Western Pacific and contains the deepest known point on Earth at 36,070 feet. Explorers have observed vents bubbling up liquid sulfur and carbon dioxide, active mud volcanoes, and marine life which have adapted to pressure 1,000 times that at sea level.

Less than five percent of the entire ocean has been explored, yet scientists have found that even the deep sea has great numbers of species—and the discoveries have only just begun.