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LIGO and art engages students (photo gallery)

How are science and art related? Leona Libby Middle School eighth graders were recently challenged to find a connection between the world of art and the science concepts of light, sound, and gravitational waves. Students created sculptures, paintings, animations, musical pieces, and baked items to display their understanding of waves. They then had the opportunity to share their unique art with over 300 guests on Saturday at the Celebration of Gravitational Waves and Light with Art event hosted by LIGO Hanford Observatory and Mid-Columbia Ballet. 

In March, the Libby students took a field trip to LIGO. After returning to the classroom, the students were prompted to create a visual or performance art that represented their understanding of the movement and resonance of gravitational waves in space-time as well as the reflection of mirrors from the right-angle structure that allows LIGO to record them.