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Endangered species initiative inspires art students

Hanford High School advanced art students Catherine Guevara and Jennifer Lentz earned top honors in the Endangered Art4Apes Fine Art and Photography Contest. The juried contest focused attention on all that is endangered in the world. Out of 500 international youth entries:

  • Guevara earned First Place for her watercolor “Lobo de la Luna” - $250 - The Mexican Grey Wolf, also known as Lobo, is a beautiful animal that doesn’t deserve to be exterminated by hunters. In my painting, I wanted to depict that the Lobo is not as grey as others may perceive and that they are colorful and beautiful animals.
  • Lentz earned Third Place for her copper metal torched piece “The Light in Cheetahs” - $100 - Cheetahs are regal and amazing cats, but the loss of prey and habitat are greatly endangering the species. I chose the African symbols supremacy of God, Intelligence, Peace, and power of Love to show what humans can do and change in order to save cheetahs from extinction.