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New Students


If moving in make sure you are within our boundaries. The district boundary map can be found here.

You will need proof of residence, birth certificate, and immunization record to complete our enrollment packet. Students can usually start school 1-2 days after submitting enrollment packet.


More information on enrollment can be found on our main RSD district website by following the link here.


If moving out, please let us know when last day will be. Be sure to turn in any library books and pay any outstanding fees/fines. Check with Café for any outstanding balances.



What does SBA stand for? 
SBAC stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment.

What is the SBA?
The SBA is a state-led consortium working to develop next-generation assessments that accurately measure student progress toward college and career readiness. Smarter Balanced is one of the two multistate consortia awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Education in 2010 to develop an assessment system aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) by the 2014-15 school year.

For more information, please click the highly-capable link to the left.



What does Hi-Cap mean?
"Hi-Cap" refers to the Highly Capable Program. The Hi-Cap Program curriculum is supported by the district adopted curriculum, teacher instruction, and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It is for qualified students in K-5th grades.

For more information, please click the highly-capable link to the left.

Weather Closure/Delay
How do I know if there's a school closure or delay?
Parents, staff, and students wishing to receive Richland School District weather closure/delay announcements via email, text message, or push notifications can sign up by clicking this link.
NOTE: If you already have an active account, you do not need to sign up again, but you do need to log in to your account once a year to keep it active.

1. When you get to the page, start the process by entering your email and setting a password. Once the account is established, you may add one or two more email or cell text addresses. Each new entry will require you to launch a test message to that address which will contain a two-letter code which must be entered back onto your account page to ensure that the address(es) is valid, or by clicking the link in the message.

2. Bear in mind, that the cell phone companies get backlogged on weather mornings, as they try to keep up with the text messages, so it is recommended that you not rely entirely on text messages. We urge you to download the new, free app for iOS and Android called FlashAlert Messenger. It uses push notifications to send messages directly to your phone, bypassing the cell companies' text message channel. Search for FlashAlert Messenger ar the iTunes App Store (iOS) or at Google Play (Android).

Who can I call for more information?
Contact Steve Aagaard @ 509-967-6008 or email him at
Illness Symptom Screening Tool
How do I know if I should keep my child home?The ILI Screening Tool {link to the right} is a questionnaire to assess the health status of your child on a daily basis. This will help determine if you should keep your child home from school.
What can I do to help stop the spread of illness?

1. Wash your hands.
2. Cover your cough.
3. Stay at home if you are ill.

Where can I get more information?
For more information and on-going updates, call the Benton-Franklin Health Department H1N1 Flu Line @ 509-460-4358 or go to the BFHD website.

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