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Student Responsibilities

Sacajawea Student Responsibilities & Guidelines

  1. Students will arrive on the playground no earlier than 8:30 A.M. and will leave immediately after school unless a student is waiting for a bus. Students will always use the crosswalks. If students ride their bikes, they will walk it while on school grounds. The students will not return to school grounds before 4 P.M.
  2. Students will respect the Safety Patrol.
  3. Students will stay outside before school and during recess unless they have a pass.
  4. Students will play on designated playground areas and not in front of the building, or in parking lots.
  5. Students will leave school grounds during school hours only after getting permission from the school office staff.
  6. Students will wear clothing to school that does not promote drugs, alcohol, gangs, inappropriate language or behavior.
  7. Students will use only acceptable and appropriate language.
  8. Students will observe the no weapons policy of the Richland School District.
  9. Students will leave other unsafe objects and valuables at home. Any play balls students bring to school will be marked with their name.
  10. Students will play in a safe manner and avoid rough and inappropriate body contact.
  11. Students will not throw unsafe objects such as rocks, sticks, ice or snow, etc.
  12. Students will include other children in their games and will respect the games of others.
  13. Students will not chew gum at school, and will not eat or drink on the playground.
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