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Chess Club


Stay tuned for the return of Chess Club next year!

Wednesdays after school in the Café.


Sign-up sheets are available in the office.

No students are allowed to participate unless they are enrolled. 

As always, the first 15 minutes or so are spent going over rules of the game, strategies & rationale. 

We welcome all ages k-5; beginners or seasoned players.

We are hoping to get some more volunteer parent help -- mostly for group supervision.

  You need not be a chess player to help.  If you are interested please call or email me. 

There are several local Saturday tournaments throughout the year, but tournament play is strictly an individual student choice – not a requirement or expectation of being in the Sacajawea chess club.

Our chess club asks for an annual $5 fee for each student to participate. 

That money is held by the PTSO treasury in a designated fund, currently over $500.  Possible plans right now for using that fun include;

1)      Paying entry fees for one of the tournaments this year,

2)      Purchasing Sacajawea chess club T-shirts


 Want to play chess online too? Chesskid is a great option and has the ability to play your friends!


We are welcome to consideration of other suggestions for how to best use this fund for the chess club. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Mark Underwood

Sacajawea chess club coach   


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