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Safety Patrol

Sacajawea Safety Patrol

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Here’s what you need to know first:

Safety Patrol members MUST be at least 10 years old.

Members help other students safely cross the street before and after school.

Before school, they need to be at their post from 8:20-8:35 am (be at school by 8:15 to get there on time).

After school, they need to be at their post from 3:12-3:25 pm (leave their classroom at 3:08).

Typically, students are on patrol every other week, depending upon the total number of students that have signed up for before or after school.
As more students join, they may be scheduled less frequently. If students walk home with other patrol members, or if they need to be on certain weeks because of where they go after school changes weekly, Darren will do her best to accommodate these requests.

They are scheduled for a full week at a time. A schedule will come home with them the week before they are scheduled for the following week.

If your student is absent, it is important to notify Darren so a substitute can be arranged. Darren's phone number is on every schedule. Text messages are preferred.

Also, if your student has younger siblings or friends they walk home with after school, the siblings or friends need to have a place to meet the patrol member when they are done, preferably the office, so they can focus on their job and everyone can stay safe.


Please Contact Darren Morgan if you have additional questions:


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