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Important Information for Kindergarten and 1st Grade




The first two days of school, August 30th & 31st, 2016 are for kindergarten & 1st grade “Family Connection Meetings.”

“Family Connection Meeting” is a scheduled time that you and your child’s teacher will have an opportunity to meet individually for approximately 20 minutes.  This is a wonderful opportunity for your child’s teacher to learn more about your child during this meeting.

You will soon receive a letter with your scheduled “Family Connection Meeting” date and time.

Please feel free to bring your child & school supplies with you to your scheduled “Family Connection Meeting.” 

IMPORTANT: Kindergarten & 1st grade students will not attend school on August 30th & 31st, 2016.

The actual “First Day of School” for all Sacajawea Elementary School kindergarten and 1st grade students is September 1, 2016 (8:40 AM-3:15 PM). 

If you have any questions after you receive your letter with your scheduled “Family Connection Meeting” date and time, please feel free to contact the school office by calling 967-6325.

Thank you.

Dear Sacajawea Families,

Welcome to the new Sacajawea Elementary School. With a new facility, there are new arrival and dismissal procedures. Please familiarize yourself with these policies and discuss them with your family.

Arrival:  Parents may drop off students from the loading zone in front of the school. It is the pull through loop at the front entrance located on Fuller Street. There is no parking in this loading zone. Parents may also park in the front parking lot, also on Fuller Street. There is no other visitor parking.

School begins at 8:40 AM. Students may arrive no earlier than 8:30 AM unless they are participating in the school breakfast program, safety patrol, strings, choir or percussion. Students will not be allowed on the playground before school. All students should be lined up at their designated classroom line behind the building when the first bell rings at 8:40. Students are to line up in the order of arrival; there will be no saving spots.

The school breakfast program begins at 8:15. All students will walk around the school to the Café entrance.

Dismissal:  Parents may pick up their students from the loading zone or from the parking lot in front of the school, on Fuller Street. Parents, it is your responsibility to designate a meeting place with your student. All students will be led by their teacher out of their assigned building door. Students not involved in school sanctioned after-school activities must leave the school grounds immediately following dismissal by their teacher. Students waiting to be picked up will wait quietly by the flagpole. Playing on any playground equipment after dismissal is not permitted.

Bikes/Scooters/Skateboards:  Students must walk their bicycle, scooter or skateboard while on all school grounds. These items must be locked up at the bicycle rack.

Expected Behavior:  Students are required to walk on all paved areas. They are expected to obey crossing guards and only use the designated crosswalks. Again, students may not ride their bicycles, scooters or skateboards on school property. Students will be respectful to all staff members, crossing guards and fellow students.

Safe Walk Route for students

 Click here for the Richland School District's Safe Walk Route for students.


Wondering when the bus will come?

moving school bus

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