Kindness Week
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Coming up January 26th-30th we will be celebrating Kindness Week in collaboration with Hanford High School Leadership kids. It is a fun week to encourage everyone in being kind to one another. There will be a theme for each day of the week. Monday - Spread The Love - Each child will write kind words on a heart and give it to another student. Tuesday - Kind Gestures - Everyone will be encouraged to hold doors for others, pick up trash or other thoughtful things to help. Wednesday - Please and Thank You - Practice saying please and thank you all day. Thursday - Respect - Practice respect towards adults, parents and peers. Friday - Zones Day - We will have zones around the school and when you pass through you have to do what that zone says.

Community Members/Parents Needed

The Richland School District is looking for two community members/parents to serve on the Instructional Materials Committee. The committee meets once or twice a month during the school year and evaluates textbooks, novels and other instructional materials that are used in classrooms. Applicants must be a District resident. Applications are available by calling 967-6004 or by e-mailing The deadline to apply is January 29, 2015.

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Have you wondered why math is taught so differently to your kids than it was when you were in school? If you answered yes then here is a great video to help you understand the reason we have changed how math is learned today.

Jefferson Drop-off and Pick-up Information
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We have some changes to our pick-up and drop-off routines this year. Please make sure and check out the links below for all the details.