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Please open the PDF below for information about Spring testing.




Summer Food Service Program 2017
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Meals will be served at the following locations:

  • Marcus Whitman Elementary, 518 Catskill St. Richland
  • Meals served at Jefferson Elementary, 1525 Hunt Ave., Richland

Monday-Friday, June 20-August 18th No Service on July 4th

Breakfast:  8:30-9:00am     Lunch:  12:00-12:30pm


  •  Tapteal Elementary, 705 N. 62nd Ave., West Richland

Monday-Friday, June 20-July 21st No Service on July 4th

Breakfast:  8:30-9:00am     Lunch:  12:00-12:30pm


  • Hanford High School, 450 Hanford St., Richland

TBD based off of Band Camp schedule

For more information, contact the Nutrition Services office at 967-6114.

The Richland School District is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Summer School Registration starts May 15th
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Below is an informational brochure for Summer School through the RSD.  Registration is done online and starts on May 15th

Please refer to the calendar on Page 1 with specific dates for any classes you register for.

Registration website: https://wa-richland.intouchreceipting.com/

RSD Website: http://www.rsd.edu/info/summer-2017.html