Richland School District
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The mission of Three Rivers HomeLink is to partner with families to assist, support and equip them to provide students a tailored education.

Three Rivers HomeLink is a collaborative learning community where students, parents and staff team together as respected life-long learners.

Three Rivers HomeLink is an accredited, innovative and individuated learning experience for students in grades K-12. HomeLink has onsite classes and workshops 5 days a week on the HomeLink campus.  HomeLink has a Skillbuilding Lab that supported over 100 students last year that were struggling in reading and/or math.  The Future City Team (STEM) at HomeLink won the state competition in 2009 and 2010, going on to compete in the national competition.  HomeLink offers online courses utilizing the K12, Apex and OSPI's DLD curriculum.  HomeLink was recently awarded the Washington State designation of “Innovative School” to launch a STEM program this year (2012-2013). Numerous students at HomeLink are concurrent with other schools, accessing Running Start, Tri Tech Skills Center, etc.  Every student is treated like an individual, who working with a HomeLink consultant (certificated teacher), draft an educational plan focused on student achievement and goals.

What is Three Rivers HomeLink?
Three Rivers HomeLink is a Richland School District school. HomeLink facilitates courses which are developed and monitored by a certificated teacher that involves the parent as an active person in the instructional component of the course and in teacher-student interactions. Homelink is open to children in grades K-12. Students can access onsite classes and workshops, receive a learning budget to offset costs accrued in their learning plan, access group field trips, have access to online classes and can meet with a consultant on a regular basis. HomeLink runs four different programs: Elementary-Link, Secondary-Link, Virtual-Link and STEAM-Link (designated "Innovative School" from OSPI).

Who Are the Teachers that Teach at HomeLink?
Our certificated teachers teach secondary classes and also facilitate workshops.  Certificated teachers oversee, monitor, create, and assess a student’s Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP).  All of the classes on a student’s WSLP are created, monitored and assessed by a certificated, highly-qualified teacher. We have classified (coaches) who are parents and community members that facilitate workshops during the week that supplement and enrich a student’s WSLP. 

How is HomeLink funded?
The Richland School District receives "state money/funds" for HomeLink students, similar to all other schools. HomeLink falls under the state's Alternative Learning Education rules which means the District receives 80-90% of full funding. Every full-time student enrolled in the school brings in close to $4500. For "part-time" students, the District receives equivalent part-time funding.

How does HomeLink use the money it receives from the state?
HomeLink has a site based budget. The two biggest expenses are staffing costs and learning budgets for families. HomeLink also uses the money for curriculum, building lease, field trips, etc.

Where is HomeLink located?
HomeLink is housed at Southside Church with three adjacent RSD portable classrooms. The District pays an annual lease fee to the church. This money comes from the RSD general operations budget.

Is HomeLink accredited?
Yes. HomeLink is currently fully accredited.

Can a student earn a high school diploma through HomeLink?
Yes. While it is not required for HomeLink students to be working toward a diploma, it is possible for students to earn an accredited Three Rivers HomeLink diploma.