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Policy - Waiving Graduation Requirements

Waiving Requirements for Graduation

Graduation requirements are established with the expectation that all students will complete them as listed. It is recognized, however, that individual students may have reason to request waiver of one or more courses.

Students granted a waiver of any graduation requirement must substitute another course of their choice. This waiver does not grant credit, but does excuse the student from being required to take one semester of the particular course.

The following process shall be followed for a wavier request:

Students and parents must complete the "Request for Waiver of Graduation Requirement" form F-1 2412 to waive a required course.The form must be completed and returned to the high school's counseling office.Within a reasonable amount of time after receiving the form from the parent(s)/student, the Counselor shall review the form and then forward it to the school's Principal.The school's Principal shall make the final determination regarding the waiver. The Principal shall notify the student's parent(s) of the status of the waiver.If the Principal denies the waiver, the student/parent(s) may appeal the decision to the Director of Student Services. The written appeal must be received by the Director of Student Services no later than 10 school days after receiving notification of the denial.

All building principals shall provide the Superintendent or their designee with a report of all waivers granted during any school year. This report must detail which courses were waived. This report shall be submitted two weeks after the end of each school year.

Waiver of the Physical Education Requirement

The Richland School District takes great pride in its facilities and physical education offerings. The District also values its physical education staff and their expertise in providing students with quality instruction.

It is the District's position that all students have equal and equitable opportunities for physical activity and fitness education in our schools. Suitable adapted physical education shall be included as part of individualized education plans (I.E.P.s) for students with special needs or disabling conditions that preclude such student's participation in regular physical education instruction.

The Richland School District, in compliance with Washington law, allows for the waiver of Physical Education (.5 Health may not be waived) under certain circumstances: physical disability, employment, religious belief, participation in directed athletics or military science and tactics, or for other good cause.

It is the intent of the Richland School District to allow for PE waivers for directed athletics, as required by Washington State Law. The District intends to do so with a high standard for what constitutes equivalent athletic activity. District PE classes provide rigorous activity and fitness knowledge. The criterion defined below for a waiver based on directed athletic participation is meant to define that high standard.

Normally, a student will be allowed to waive only up to one half credit (one semester) of physical education for directed athletics. In order to waive one semester (a half credit) of physical education for directed athletics, high school student athletes (including those on dance and cheer teams), must meet all of the following minimum criterion:

Apply for the waiver per this policy.Complete a minimum of 75 hours of participation in directed athletics (counting only one and a half hours of participation per practice and no more than two practices per day). Complete a full season or one semester of directed athletics prior to requesting the waiver.