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Champions Child Care

Each elementary school, including the new Orchard Elementary, has contracted with Champions to provide before and after school child care programs. These programs are offered at the school site. A fee is charged. For more information, contact Julie Funfar at 554-0312, or via email at




2016 Best Summer Ever

We’re pulling out all the stops this summer, to make sure it’s your kids’ best one yet. Our summer unit themes change every week, and each one is designed with immersive activities that let kids take deep dives into exciting topics. Choose your favorites, or go all summer long with us!

Week One: Oceanography

Kids can dive into the world’s oceans, and discover the plants and animals that call it home. Your young oceanographer in training will surf the seas of knowledge from tide charts to echolocation to environmental concerns.

Week Two: A Closer Look at Trees and Birds

When it comes to learning about these natural wonders, the sky’s the limit. From photosynthesis to using different tools as “bird beaks” to eat with, there’s so much these plants and animals can teach your kids about the world around them.

Week Three: Circus Science

Kids will learn what makes the big top tick as they practice circus tricks and discover the scientific properties that make them possible. Your kids will walk on stilts, practice juggling, and be amazed by gyroscopic stability and centrifugal force while clowning around.

Week Four: Junior Inventors

Kids get to turn their incredible ideas into amazing inventions. They’ll learn how the greatest inventors succeeded, and prepare their own innovations to present at an “Invention Convention.” Ready, set, invent!

Week Five: Spy School

Kids can delve into the intrigue and espionage of the secret world of spies. They’ll learn the tricks of the trade, like cracking codes, analyzing clues, and solving mysteries. They can look the part in their secret agent costumes, and even create their own spy fiction!

Week Six: Insects and Arachnids

Kids shouldn’t let these little creatures bug them. These tiny animals are a huge part of our natural world. Your young explorers will get to go on a fun hike to find insects and arachnids, make bug-inspired snacks, create bug trading cards, and share their expertise with friends and families.

Week Seven: Superheroes Among Us

Kids don their cape and mask, and let their inner superheroes loose. They’ll give themselves super abilities and decide how to use them for the good of the community. From superfoods, to honoring their own personal heroes, this session soars!

Week Eight: Mixed Up Fairytales

Kids will have some fun turning traditional tales on their head, as they embark on an adventurous romp through well-known stories. They’ll become one of the main characters, discover common links between stories, and rewrite the endings.

Week Nine: All About Jungles and Rainforests

Kids get a chance to explore the most fascinating, exotic, and vibrant places on the planet. They’ll build a rainforest canopy, populate it with sleek jaguars and majestic gorillas, and learn about environmental threats and preservation efforts for these vital habitats.

Find out the dates of each camp and enroll now at

Camp Registration Fee: $25

Camp Weekly Tuition: $160

DSHS Subsidies accepted.


Champions offers a well rounded program

Need to get back into the swing of school-year things? We’ve got the solution for busy working families: fun activities and homework help all in one safe, convenient place. Art, dramatic play, math and science, problem-solving, language, motor skills, and more — you’ll find our experts have put together a variety of group and individual activities designed to keep school-age kids exploring and growing.

We’ve designed our program to help your child:

• boost reading, writing, fitness, and social skills

• build character and confidence

• experience fun, friendships, and learning 

Our Champions offerings include:

  • Before- and After-School Programs, Kindergarten Extended Day 6:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Winter, Spring, and Summer Break Camps
  • Enhancements including: Homework Help, Character Development, Fitness, Science, and Read*Write*Now! Literacy

Our five areas of focus give your school-ager endless opportunities to learn and grow.  Below, you’ll find a quick look at how we spend our time together.

Take the Challenge: We help children develop problem-solving and literacy skills via homework time, reading, or writing.

Imagine That: We inspire children to explore creative ideas and develop the ability to self-express through art, drama, and music.
The Nature of It: We encourage children to put things together and discover something new using games and science experiments.
Sports Zone: We engage children in movement and focus on team-building, communication, and personal challenges.

Snack Attack: We deepen children’s understanding of healthy nutrition with self-serve snacks and cooking activities.

Jeff and Annika Bryant, Parents at Carroll Elementary School in Elk Grove, California, say: “We originally signed up with Champions because it was convenient. We stay because it is an amazing program. Our kids are academically curious (and successful), well-adjusted, happy and secure little people and we give Champions quite a bit of credit for that.”

Sign Up Today! Call 800-350-5034 or visit  For local information, please contact Area Manager Julie Funfar at 509-554-0312. 

Champions Policy for Inclement Weather

With the winter months come the threat of bad weather that could affect the operation of our Champions' programs. The following is an outline of our policies and procedures should we have a school closure, delay or early dismissal occur due to inclement weather and/or power outages.

IF SCHOOL IS CANCELLED: If the school district cancels school, Champions will be open at selected sites, for an additional fee of $15.00 per day. Normal tuition rates will still apply, per your contract.

Badger Mountain will serve the families of White Bluffs and WileyJason Lee will serve the families of Tapteal, Sacajawea, Jefferson and Marcus Whitman/Lewis & Clark

If you choose to utilize this service, please be sure to drop your children only at their designated consolidated site.

IF SCHOOL IS RELEASED EARLY: If there is an early release due to weather extremes or power outages, we will make every effort possible to have a Champions staff member on site to receive your children. Families will be charged an additional fee of $10 per child. Normal tuition will remain per your contract.

IF SCHOOL IS DELAYED: If the start of school is delayed by the district, our staff will make every effort to arrive at the site at our regular opening time and will remain on site until school begins. Please keep in mind that some of our staff members travel a distance to their sites each day. Please be certain to call your Champions program directly ahead of time to make sure we are there. When school is delayed there is an additional charge of $10 per child who arrives between 6:00am and 10:00am. There are no exceptions to this fee. Normal tuition will remain per your contract.


Please ask your Site Director or call our Area Manager, Julie Funfar 509.554.0312