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RSD has shortage of bus drivers; interested community members invited to apply (KEPR News)

Richland School District bus driver Brian Conklin
Richland School District bus driver Brian Conklin

The Richland School District is experiencing a severe shortage of bus drivers, making transporting students increasingly difficult. "Our office staff with CDL’s are all driving every day and would love to be in their office focusing on what their job descriptions are," RSD transportation staff said in a letter.

The bus drivers at the disrict are currently recruiting for new drivers to join their team.

“It’s a great way to earn some money and have some fun,” said Brian Conklin, RSD school bus driver.

Conklin said there are numerous perks to getting behind the wheel of the big yellow bus.

"You can't beat the schedule. I get my summers off, I get Christmas vacation off, I get spring break off, so I can spend that time with my kids,” he explained. “You're in in the morning, in in the afternoon for a couple hours each, and you get to go on some neat trips, too."

Richland transportation staff said this year they expect to see about five to six retirements and relocating employees, so they have holes to fill and would love to meet anyone interested in school bus driving.

“Even if all you’ve driven is a little Honda car, we can train you to drive a big yellow bus and you’ll be very good at it,” Conklin said.

RSD stressed that their department is a family. "We help and support each other and we make sure that everyone feels welcome and appreciated," Conklin added.

Driving classes will start this summer, so the teams can be ready for school to start in the fall.

If someone is interested in being a bus driver for Richland Schools, they can apply online at rsd.edu. If you have any problem with the application process, you can go to the Admin Office at 615 Snow Ave., or call the RSD Safety Supervisor Tricia Callahan at 967-6154. She can help guide you through the process.