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Equipment donation aims to improve student safety (photo gallery)

In an effort to improve the safety of student-athletes, the Leona Libby Middle School football program is using the Shadowman tackling system. Local optometrist Bruce Robertson purchased and donated the innovative tackling dummies. Shadowman is the same tackling system used by the University of Washington and many other football teams across the nation.

“As optometrists, we’ve seen a rise in concussions due to athletics and we know football is a real concern for parents,” said Robertson. “Libby is a new school in need of equipment so we donated these dummies which teach players a safe and effective way to tackle.”

The Shadowman system allows players to practice tackling at game speed without the risk of injury inherent in player-to-player contact.

“Thank you to Bruce Robertson for contributing to the safety of our student-athletes,” stated John Cowan, Libby football coach.

“I have a 7th grade son in the Libby football program so that was part of my interest,” added Robertson. “We’re hoping this system will help the safety of Libby football players and be looked at by other Tri-Cities schools.”

Video showing the Shadowman system