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Current News Releases


District breaks ground on Elementary School #11 (photo gallery)

The Richland School District officially broke ground on the new elementary school in West Richland on Wednesday afternoon. The general contractor is Chervenell Construction, Kennewick.

The District’s 11th elementary school will be 65,000 square feet in size and house approximately 600 students. The new school will open in August 2019.


Families turn out to celebrate the arts (photo gallery)

Badger Mountain Elementary School showcased student creativity, hard work, and talent at Night of the Arts on Friday. Orchestra, choir, and steel drum groups were featured along with an extensive art exhibit, poetry readings, and hands on activities.

“We celebrated the creative process and the integral role the arts play in the lives of Badger Mountain students,” noted art specialist Sarah Metcalf.

Image Title: Orchestra

RSD Special Education Field Day takes over Fran Rish (photo gallery)

About 230 student-athletes from 15 RSD schools participated in the Special Education Field Day Tuesday at Fran Rish Stadium.

“We are promoting inclusion and awareness for individuals with disabilities through traditional and non-traditional events,” says organizer Scott Piippo. “Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who made this field day happen.”


100% approval rating for RSD transportation fleet

Richland School District students are riding to school on safe buses. Washington State Patrol inspectors thoroughly inspected the District's entire fleet of 86 buses and gave the District a 100% approval rating.

"The inspectors literally check everything in the bus and under the bus," says Dave Conrad, Transportation Director.

RSD bus mechanics are Jim Stickler, Terry Simonson, Bill Reed, and Tim Henderson.


Research and writing leads to podcast production (photo gallery)

Students in Margie Roueche’s sixth grade class at Leona Libby Middle School recently produced a series of three podcasts exploring what it means to live a “good life”. Based on a unit in the Summit Learning platform, the sixth graders researched a well-known person, wrote scripts, and met specific goals and timelines.

“The podcasts are an innovative way for students to showcase their learning,” says Roueche.


1982 time capsule opened as Jefferson community looks to the future (photo gallery)

It was a reunion and celebration at Jefferson Elementary School Friday afternoon as former and current staff and students were on hand for the opening of the 1982 Time Capsule.

“In anticipation of our new Jefferson opening this fall, we opened the 1982 capsule with special guests who worked here during that era,” says Principal Bobbi Buttars.

For the past 36 years, the time capsule was hidden behind the cornerstone plaque near the front entrance.

Image Title: RSD Support Services staff Harold Haptonstall (r) and Joe Schultz open the cornerstone plaque.
RSD Support Services staff Harold Haptonstall (r) and Joe Schultz open the cornerstone plaque.

Student problem solving results in tree planting (photo gallery)

Leona Libby Middle School sixth grade students have been working on a project based learning unit “How can we reduce the human footprint?”. The practical end result of their research on Thursday was the planting of new trees near the football field.

“The additional trees will scrub CO2 from the atmosphere,” explain the sixth graders. “The trees will also beautify our Libby campus.”


Lewis & Clark librarian recognized for excellence

At the Tuesday Richland School Board meeting, Lewis & Clark Elementary principal Liz Crider honored librarian Tawnya Ostrer for her excellent work with students and staff. 

“In her first year at Lewis & Clark, Tawnya has been a leader with book studies, delivering a student safety survey, and improving library accessibility. Tawnya has made it her personal mission to model and teach kindness She is a source of encouragement for all of us.”


Enterprise Middle School recipient of the 2018 Whole Child Award

Washington State ASCD has announced Enterprise Middle School as the recipient of the 2018 Whole Child Award.

The Whole Child Award is intended to acknowledge and honor a school that has made significant contributions to student learning by creating a school culture with programs that exemplify two or more of the five tenets of The Whole Child Initiative: Healthy, Safe, Engaged, Supported, and Challenged; as well as serve as models for all educators across the state.

Enterprise Middle School has rebranded their culture as Wildcat Nation  Wildcat Nation is a shared belief that the EMS community wants a safe and supportive school where everyone feels welcome, valued, and ready to learn.