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Receive weather closures/delays via text message, email, or push notification

Parents, staff and students wishing to receive Richland School District weather closure/delay announcements via email, text message, or push notification can sign up by going to:  (if you already have an active account, you do not need to sign up again, but you do need to log in to your account once a year to keep it active).  

When you get to that page, start the process by entering your email address and setting a password. Once the account is established, you may add one or two additional email or cell text addresses. Each new entry will require you to launch a test message to that address which will contain a two-letter code which must be entered back onto your account page to ensure that the address(es) is valid, or by clicking the link in the message. 

Bear in my mind that the cell phone companies get backlogged on weather mornings as they try to keep up with the text messages, so it is recommended that you not rely entirely on text messages.  We urge you to download the new, free app for iOS and Android called FlashAlert Messenger. It uses push notification to send messages directly to your phone, bypassing the cell companies' text message channel. Search for FlashAlert Messenger at the iTunes App Store (iOS) or at Google Play (Android).

For more information, contact Steve Aagaard at 967-6008 or

Why are some RSD subscribers receiving weather texts late or not at all?

For those of you who have been receiving some of the weather text messages late or not at all, here is the explanation from Craig Walker, manager of the FlashAlert notification system…..

“Unfortunately, this is out of the control of either the Richland School District or FlashAlert. Once the District clicks on ‘send’, the weather announcement goes out within a minute or two as emails from FlashAlert to the cell phone companies. What happens to the messages after they leave the FlashAlert server is out of our control. The delays most likely are a combination of Internet issues that slow down the messages as well as backlogs of messages to be delivered by the cell companies.

"We want all RSD subscribers to receive this information immediately. That the delivery speed is out of our control has been our greatest frustration. Fortunately, the vast majority of subscribers are receiving the texts/emails in a timely manner. Subscribers should remember that delays can happen, especially for the text messages, and should also check other sources of closure info, including the media and the RSD website."