You can access the schedule for all bus routes at the link below. If you have questions about bus routes, call 967-6155.

  • Students are expected to ride their neighborhood school bus.
  • Students are expected to be at designated bus stops at least five minutes early.
  • Students must have a note with parent signature and phone number to ride a different bus or go home with a friend.
  • Kindergarteners must have written permission to be let off the bus alone, or to a sibling or parent designee.

Parents of kindergartners can expect the bus driver to call with mid-day transportation information one or two days before transportation begins for kindergartners. If you have not heard from your bus driver, parents of AM kindergartners should be prepared to receive their students from the bus for one full hour after release time. Parents of PM kindergartners should have their students ready for the bus one full hour before school starts. When the bus arrives, you will have the opportunity to touch base with your driver about the daily estimated arrival time.