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Bus Routes

School Bus Transportation Information

School choice and interdistrict transfer request families need to plan to abide by your transfer agreement and provide transportation for your student each day.  School buses are expected to be at capacity.  Secondary students may qualify for a bus pass provided by the transportation department.  Information regarding the Ben Franklin Transit bus pass program can be found here: http://www.rsd.edu/departments/transportation.html


2017-18 School Bus Routes

Please take the time to review the School Bus Rules and Student Conduct on Buses with your student: https://app.eduportal.com/public/folders/list/59402/1095333

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Important information for parents

If you are new to the district and/or riding the school bus, please contact the routing desk at 967-6155 so that we may provide your driver with a New Rider Info slip, an inter-office communication form filled out by our staff.  This will let the driver know where your student plans to get on and off the school bus.  

All students should be at their bus stop at least five minutes prior to the estimated pickup time.  Parents of young riders should plan to meet their student at their bus stop each day until they are confident their student can walk home from the bus stop alone.  Please take the time to walk with your student to/from your neighborhood bus stop and make sure they understand your expectations for after school.

If you have a kindergartner, your driver will be asking for this Kindergarten Bus Release form for your student.  This lets your driver know what to expect when they are dropping off your kindergartner.  Kindergartners are expected to be met at their bus stop until we receive written permission to let them off alone.  If you did not get a Kindergarten Bus Release form please click on the red link above.

Please tell your kindergartner to not get off the bus if they do not see who is supposed to meet them, and to tell their driver.  Also, younger students can fall asleep, or get caught up in conversations with friends and forget to get off at their stop.  If this happens they need to tell their driver so that we can be sure to get them home safe. 

If your student is not home when you expect, more than 10 minutes late, you may contact the dispatch office at 967-6151 and we will help you locate your student. Call your family members to find out if someone picked up your student from school. This happens often and can be a frightening experience for any parent.

Have your phone number, resident address or emergency contacts changed?  Please take the time to update your information for all of your students at each of their schools.  Should we have any questions about your student we will be using the resources you have provided to contact you.

Riding the bus is a fun privilege for students and it is important that everyone knows what to expect. Teach your students to be safe, respectful riders and to always listen to their bus driver. Their safety is our #1 priority and following the rules is their responsibility.

New Routes for Ben Franklin Transit as of September 18, 2017