Richland School District


Construction Update - Fall 2016

RSD taxpayers are updated on the nine construction projects they approved in 2013. Superintendent Rick Schulte gives an overview; and Marcus Whitman Elementary School principal Brian Moore and teacher Evan Newby highlight the new Marcus which just opened.....RSD Construction Update TV program.

Bond issue update with Superintendent Rick Schulte - October 2014

KNDU-TV news anchor Meredith Boggs interviews Superintendent Rick Schulte about the nine bond issue projects. The 12-minute YouTube clip includes construction photos and architect renderings of the new elementary schools.

STEM instruction update


The Richland School District’s “Focus on Learning” television program featured an excellent discussion about STEM instruction with Erika Doyle, RSD curriculum coordinator......Maren Benedict, Enterprise Middle School teacher.......and Kelly Lindsley, Chief Joseph Middle School teacher. Links to the three segments are below. KNDU-TV news anchor Meredith Boggs is the moderator.

iPads are one learning tool for preschoolers - KVEW News

iPads are helping preschool students at Badger Mountain Elementary School improve their language skills. “iPads are one of the instructional tools we’re utilizing to help get these children ready for kindergarten,” explains teacher Michelle Fickle. “The apps are colorful and engage the young children in practicing the skills they’re learning such as letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and vocabulary.”

The preschoolers also work on their language skills by reciting nursery rhymes, reading books aloud, singing songs, and creating charts. “The iPads help reinforce what my students are learning through all these other activities,” adds Fickle.

Focus on Learning - June 2013

Summer vacation really can impact student learning (video)

The importance of keeping young children academically engaged during summer vacation is the topic of this two minute video produced by Horizons National. “The learning gap that can occur between middle income and low income children is specifically addressed in a striking way,” noted Assistant Superintendent Erich Bolz.