Richland School District


Positive first week of school 2015

Parent Tera Nebeker called the Administration Building with these comments last week…... “We moved to West Richland this summer and I am absolutely thrilled with the schools and the welcome my children have received at Tapteal and Enterprise. I am especially pleased with the attention paid to my daughter who requires hearing assistance.”

“Hi, I am a HomeLink mom. My kids are elementary and start this coming week. Through all the chaos of a new building and a new principal, I continue to hear so many exciting things about our new school.  Thank you all so much for supporting us with a new building. We often feel different from the rest of society due to our choices in how our children learn and it is so nice to have a community who supports us. Thank you.”  Rachel

Richland on "Best Small Cities" list - August 2014

The financial website NerdWallet recently named Richland seventh in the top 10 list for “Best Small American Cities to Live In”. The ranking included more than 900 cities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000. The rankings were based on several factors including growth, change in poverty rate, cost of living, and percentage of residents without health insurance. Richland was recognized for its relatively affordable housing, growing population, and average income. More at this link.

Thank you for supporting the arts

April 18, 2014

"I wanted to thank the Richland School District for the support that you are giving to the musical programs. My son is in both Orchestra and Band and we attended both Showcases this last week. I have shared with friends all over and they are amazed by how many students participate in these events, and the support that our schools receive from parents and the District. Thank you for supporting the arts. I love seeing so many students together in one place and look forward to many more years!"

Mirandy Donley
RSD Parent


Kudos to Bombers basketball from Jackson High parent

Kevin Todd is a parent of a Jackson High School boys basketball player. Kevin sent this note to Richland High basketball coach Earl Streufert after completion of the recent state basketball tournament in Tacoma (just one of many similar notes that Coach Streufert has received in the last two days).

March 9, 2014

Coach Streufert,

Congratulations on an awesome year. Much like your team, our Jackson squad had high expectations and dreams, and no matter the final score or results, you represented your school and community with class.

What I sincerely love about Districts and State tournaments is the community impact it has. I cheer for Richland, Stanwood, Lynnwood, Issaquah, ourselves, because we simply do it the right way.  

After our Saturday morning game, I saw the green/gold arrive, and I expected nothing less. Richland students and families poured in because that's what they do. They've known these kids since elementary school, they've had brothers and sisters in the program, they're proud to be associated with the Bombers, everybody is invested .. it's very cool to see.

From a basketball perspective, my son Jason would thrive at Richland because you play hard, you share the ball, you get back on d, you talk, you support and encourage each other.  Simple stuff.

You had a great run, I was cheering for you all the way and appreciate that you did it with your kids. No transfers, no questions about eligibility....just Richland boys who wear the green/gold from the time they arrive till the time they graduate.

My respect and congratulations to you, your team, school and community.

Kevin Todd

May 15, 2012

I wanted to inform you of an event that happened yesterday. My daughter who plays golf on the Walla Walla High School team was participating in the 4A Girls Golf District Tournament at Columbia Point Golf Course. Her last 5 rounds of golf have all been personal bests. So coming into districts her expectations were high. The other thing you need to know is that my daughter is far from fragile... she is, one would say, unemotional and gritty. She was coming up the 9th hole and proceeded to hit it in the water, took a drop, then hit it over the green, and then chipped it in the water again. She then began to cry (not easy for a father to watch). It was then that your coach, Janet Schuster, approached my daughter. I think her intent was to inform her of her drop options. She noticed how upset my daughter was and gave her some words of encouragement. My daughter was still very upset ... it was at this time Coach Schuster dropped what was in her hand and hugged my daughter. It was an impressive moment. Later when I asked my daughter what did you learn from today... she didn't talk about golf at all. She talked about how kind it was that a coach from another team would come to her and console, uplift, encourage and say it's ok.

I have been around athletics all my life. As both player and coach, I have witnessed just about everything ... some things you want to forget and others are lasting and unforgettable. Well this act of kindness falls under the lasting and unforgettable category.

Coach Schuster paid the Richland School District, Richland High School, and the Richland High School athletic program a great compliment yesterday. My hope is that you, Mr. Praino and Mr. Edwards would take a small bit of time out of your busy schedule and acknowledge this moment in time, that I think, will be lasting and unforgettable in my little girl's life.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Many Thanks
Vincent Jimenez