Welcome to the Richland School District. We have an excellent school system with dedicated students, staff, parents and community members. We’re a team working together to help students succeed.  

Reading, writing and math are the cornerstones upon which academic success are built. Throughout the District, our teachers work hard to help students master these foundational skills. Additionally, in an effort to send students out into the world with well-rounded backgrounds, we provide quality electives in all core areas as well as in music, art, P.E., drama, business, and technical education.

Each school has an action plan in place to improve academic achievement. Principals and teachers use these plans to stay focused on student learning. 

Implementation of the Common Core State Standards is a focus guiding our improvement efforts. A new state test will be used in May 2015 to gauge initial progress and establish a baseline for continued growth. We encourage parents to familiarize themselves with the standards and the test since both will increase the rigor and raise expectations in all classrooms.

The Richland School District wants to help all children be the best they can be. Thanks for joining our team.

Please contact me if you have questions or ideas at: rick.schulte@rsd.edu or 967-6001.