Richland School District
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Nutrition Services

Richland School District and Sodexo support student engagement and achievement by providing expert solutions that improve quality of life for the students, staff and communities we serve. We do this by designing, managing and delivering programs and services that keep people healthy, safe and productive while also enriching the learning environment.  By focusing on Quality of Life services, we reinforce the overall experience of a student’s educational journey.

The following link will direct you to all the resources you need, such as menus, pricing, free/reduced application information, contact information, and more.



Meals served at Tapteal Elementary, 705 N. 62nd Ave., West Richland

Monday-Friday, June 14 - July 1 and July 5 - July 15

Breakfast:   8:30–9:00 am     Lunch:   12:00–12:30 pm


Meals served at Jefferson Elementary, 1525 Hunt, Richland

Monday-Friday, June 13 - July 1 and July 5 - August 19

Breakfast:   8:30–9:00 am     Lunch:   11:45–12:30 pm


Meals served at Jason Lee Elementary, 1750 McMurray, Richland

Monday-Friday, June 13 - July 1 and July 5 - August 19

Breakfast: 8:30-9:00 am         Lunch: 11:45–12:30 pm


Meals served at Hanford High School, 450 Hanford St., Richland

Monday-Friday, August 15 - August 25

Lunch Only: 12:00-12:45 pm