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Veterans Day poem "Gone Forever"


Chief Joseph Middle School eighth grader Grace Cadman wrote “Gone Forever” for the school’s Veterans Day assembly on Thursday.

Not a day goes by
That a mother doesn’t wonder
About her precious baby boy
In heaven looking upon her.

She gets down on her knees
And begs to God
Why didn’t you take me?”

The hurt she has gone through
Does not compare
To a little tear
Here and there
For those wounds heal
But this pain is real
And the sting never goes away.

For her tear
Was not on her knee
Nor on her leg
The tear was in her heart
The pain would stay
It never goes away.

She’ll always remember that day
The day she heard
All the hurt
That her little boy received
She knew then that her baby
Was gone
For he had fallen
And would not see another day

She cried tears of pain
While she sat there and thought
Of how proud she is to be
A mother to a son who fought.

He fought for the people
He fought for the flag
And he fought for his mother who
Stands now at his deathbed.