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Nationally Certified Staff

Congratulations to these Richland School District staff for earning national certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards:

Sara Adams, Special Programs
Alice Amaya, Chief Joseph Middle School
Kim Arthur, Lewis & Clark Elementary School
Margie Bass, Marcus Whitman Elementary School
Liesl Batdorf, Jason Lee Elementary School
Peggy Bergstrom, Enterprise Middle School
John Bittinger, Richland High School
Nicole Blake, RSD Administration
Angie Bozzi, Enterprise Middle School
Adriane Brown, Tapteal Elementary School
Benita Brown, Sacajawea Elementary School
Karen Bryan, Sacajawea Elementary School
Theresa Buczek, Richland High School
Deborah Burke, Delta High School
Jackie Cable, Hanford High School
Krista Calvin, Orchard Elementary School
Rachel Carr, Special Programs
Kelly Casto, Hanford High School
Cynthia Clifford, Orchard Elementary School
Caren Cohen, Special Programs
Kitty Compton, Tapteal Elementary School
Toni Cuello, Tapteal Elementary School
Breanna Day, Jefferson Elementary School
Colette DeHaan, Enterprise Middle School
Erika Doyle, RSD Administration
Tim Faix, Hanford High School
Jared Farley, Carmichael Middle School
Jonnie Fenton, Hanford High School
Amy Fishburn, Richland High School
Laura Frank, Richland High School
Melissa Fulsom, Special Programs
Jenny Gatherer, Richland High School
Tania Guaman-Covert, Richland High School
Heather Hadler, Jefferson Elementary School
Dawn Hansen, Orchard Elementary School
Stephanie Hawley, Special Programs
Anesa Holevinski, Hanford High School
Wendy Holsten, Chief Joseph Middle School
Pam Hood, White Bluffs Elementary School
Jackie Ives, River's Edge High School 
Cathy Kuwamoto, Hanford High School
Ed Larabee, Richland High School
Amy Larsen, Special Programs
Kelly Lindsley, Chief Joseph Middle School
Karen Lipp, Orchard Elementary School
Deanna Lomax, Chief Joseph Middle School
Glen Manigque, Special Programs
Mary Manis, Jefferson Elementary School
Chandra Markel, Richland High School
Tiffany McLaughlin, White Bluffs Elementary School
Terrie Mead, Wiley Elementary School
Amanda Muniz, Lewis & Clark Elementary School
Kelley Muntean, Hanford High School
Chris Newbury, Hanford High School
Mollie Nutt, Special Programs
Susie Oram, Jefferson Elementary School
Katherine Pardini, Special Programs
Steve Perez, Hanford High School
Becky Petersen, Jefferson Elementary School
Karrie Peterson, Lewis & Clark Elementary School
Marcie Rader, Hanford High School
Alyson Reich, Hanford High School
Amanda Rexford, Special Programs
Grant Richardson, HomeLink
Audra Richter, Richland High School
Jeremiah Robinson, Enterprise Middle School
Kristin Rodriguez, Wiley Elementary School
Carri Rose, Lewis & Clark Elementary School
Jason Rose, Richland High School
Denise Rosenblum, River's Edge High School
Margie Roueche, Carmichael Middle School
Laine Sande, Special Programs
Lisa Sanders, Carmichael Middle School
Debbie Savino, Chief Joseph Middle School
Julia Schamber, Jason Lee Elementary School
Polly Shupe, Special Programs
Tami Simundson, Wiley Elementary School
Brian Sites, River’s Edge High School
Kristin Smith, Jefferson Elementary School
Rebecca Sparks, Hanford High School
Paul Staley, Richland High School
Sandy Stroup, Richland High School
Deanie Sullivan, Orchard Elementary School
Kevin Swisher, Hanford High School
Becky Thomas, Carmichael Middle School
Mark Underwood, Special Programs
Christina Utecht, Sacajawea Elementary School
Peggy Wade, Chief Joseph Middle School
Patricia Wahler, Special Programs
Kristin Walker, Enterprise Middle School
Jill Williamson, Special Programs
Mary Wise, Lewis & Clark Elementary School
Angela Withers, Special Programs
Charlene Yonemitsu, White Bluffs Elementary School
Mike Yonemitsu, Richland High School