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Michael Pham, Hayden Henry, Kayla Williamson, Zach Champion, Ethan Later


How can the plague of malaria be limited or stopped in Africa? Could eliminating malaria help Africa address global issues such as: reducing child mortality, ending extreme poverty/hunger, improving maternal health? These were the challenging questions posed to students in Ryan Hoff’s Highly Capable social studies class at Chief Joseph Middle School.


The Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction announced today that Hanford High School in Richland is a recipient of the 2013 “Washington Achievement Award” in the category of Reading Growth. The award is based on the school’s performance on the Washington Achievement Index, a comprehensive measurement of how schools in Washington State are performing over time.

A Quota on Sugar


A Hanford High School team earned a second place award in the Washington State Economics Challenge. The Econ Challenge is an online multiple choice question competition covering topics in macro, micro, and international economics. “A working knowledge of economics gives students the tools they need to make reasoned and informed decisions that will help them succeed in the real world,” said Pam Whalley, President of the Washington Council for Economic and Financial Education.

State DI Champions from Richland High


The Richland High School Destination Imagination team earned first place at the Washington State Destination Imagination (DI) Tournament March 28 and will represent the state of Washington at the DI Global Finals. The team will perform their challenge for Lampson Crane International staff on Monday, April 14, at 3:30 pm. Team members are: Jackson Chin, Maddie Graves, Ryan Walker, Brendan Birchenough, Ben Graves, and Mickinley Chin (Carmichael Middle School).

"Moon Over Buffalo" - Hanford High


Hanford and Richland High School theatre arts students earned top awards and scholarships at the Washington State Thespian Festival March 21-22 in Ellensburg. Hanford High School's Moon Over Buffalo received the “Best of Fest” award. Richland High School's Romeo and Juliet received a Double Superior Rating (highest possible).

HHS to present National Festival concert pieces on Monday


The Hanford High School Wind Ensemble and Orchestra performed at the prestigious “Music for All National Festival” last month in Indianapolis. The two groups will now present that same concert to the Tri-Cities community on Monday, April 14, 7:00 pm, in the HHS auditorium.

“Attending this festival was the most impactful educational experience of which we and our students have ever been a part,” noted directors Kevin Swisher and Chris Newbury. “It was a once in life-time opportunity for all of us to learn from the best clinicians in the nation.” 


The Hanford High School Falcon Fever Dance Team earned a first place trophy at the Washington State Dance Competition held March 29 at the Yakima Sun Dome. The HHS team won a state title in the Kick category. “I am very proud of how hard these girls worked this year,” said coach Rachael Morgan. “They were determined to perform at a high level and did so.”


Research, writing rough drafts, peer and teacher editing, and keyboarding were all part of the process as some third grade students at White Bluffs Elementary School created “Influential People Reports”. Rosa Parks, Honus Wagner, and Isaac Newton were just a few of those selected for the biography project. “This kind of open ended project allowed us to meet the needs of all levels of learners,” said teachers Angie Scherer and Stephanie Fox.

RHS leadership students at Key Arena


Richland High School leadership students earned the opportunity to participate in "We Day" based on their community/and global outreach initiatives. Over 15,000 students from throughout the northwest attended the March 21 event at Key Arena in Seattle. We Day’s goal is to “empower a generation of young global citizens to take action as agents of social change”.


Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn announced recently that Three Rivers HomeLink has been designated a Washington State Innovative School. HomeLink is one of four schools across the state being recognized for creative, collaborative approaches to increasing student success. “Our HomeLink team works interdependently every day, partnering with parents, creating outside of the box, authentic learning experiences for students,” stated Eric Sobotta, HomeLink Principal.

State Champions


The Hanford High School Knowledge Bowl team earned first place at the Washington State 3A Knowledge Bowl held March 22 in Arlington. Team members are: Shanta Katipamula, Chenchen Li, Jonah Bartrand (Captain), Konrad Krogstad, Sathvik Ramanan, Ventakesh Varada. The coaches are Jim Wilson and Cathy Stordeur.


Parents may register their children now for kindergarten at their neighborhood elementary schools. Parents are encouraged to enroll their children before the end of May. Early enrollment helps the District plan more effectively for the number of kindergarten teachers that will be needed in the fall. The child’s birth certificate and an immunization record are required as well as proof of address. The child must be five years of age on or before August 31, 2014.