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Jason Lee Elementary fourth graders are learning about the  Element of Space in their art classes with Katherine Bokinskie. The students have been creating a name design using lines to create a 3-D illusion on a flat surface. “This project leads in to a more complex assignment where the students will be creating a one-point perspective drawing of a building,” explains Bokinskie.

Parents want carved-up school boundaries to end (Tri-City Herald)


South Richland parents just want their neighborhoods to stay together. There are 10 houses on Kari Williams' street and yet the children are divided among nearby Badger Mountain and central Richland's Marcus Whitman and Lewis & Clark elementary schools. "No more doughnut holes," she said of the mosaic of boundaries that divide up her neighborhood. The Richland School District sought public input Thursday night on proposed new boundaries during a meeting at White Bluffs Elementary School.

Help us name the new elementary school in south Richland!


The Richland School District invites community members to nominate names for the new elementary school which is being built near Brantingham Road and Gala Way in south Richland. The District's tenth elementary school will open in August 2015. Those wishing to make a nomination can do so at the link below.

Swetha Shutthanandan

The Washington State Academy of Sciences has selected Swetha Shutthanandan, Richland High School junior, to participate in the American Junior Academy of Sciences Convention February 11-15, 2015, in San Jose, California. Shutthanandan will have an opportunity to speak about her project "Next Generation Supercapacitors for Ultra Fast Energy Harvesting".

Help get our youngsters off to good start (Tri-City Herald)

Editorial page column by RSD Assistant Superintendent Erich Bolz..........Children do not have to start school behind! Public school teachers do a fantastic job of ensuring children make a year’s growth in a year’s time. However, kids entering kindergarten are performing somewhere between three and eight years old on academic tasks. Kids who start school behind tend to stay behind whereas kids who start ready tend to perform well in school over time. One of the smartest investments a community can make is to address skill gaps in children prior to when they start school.

Rachel Willis-Sorensen

Hanford High School alumna Rachel Willis-Sørensen earned one of the $30,000 first-place prizes at Placido Domingo's 2014 Operalia world opera competition held last Saturday. The week-long competition brought 40 young singers from 17 nations to Los Angeles. On Saturday night, Domingo announced that Willis-Sørensen, an American soprano, and Mario Chang, a Guatemalan tenor, took the top prizes. "Rachel was very involved in HHS drama while she was here and did some fantastic work for us," notes Matt Leggett, HHS drama director. "Her high degree of success in the opera world is very impressive."

Demand for special needs teachers higher than ever (KEPR News)


The start of school required the hire of hundreds of new employees to fill all the open positions across local districts. "Kids are coming and we've got to do our best to try and get them in classrooms with good teachers," said Tony Howard, Executive Director of Human Resources for the Richland School District.

Richland is struggling to find special ed teachers. Roughly 11% of students in the district have special needs. "We're all competing for the same positions in the same hiring pools," said Howard.

Kelsey Clark with her Grand Champion Market Goat

Richland High School FFA students earned some top honors at the Benton-Franklin Fair last week. The four students purchased their market goats last February and have been learning about real life agriculture and the responsibilities involved in taking care of the livestock:

  • Kelsey Clark, Grand Champion, FFA Market Division
  • Kayley McGhan, Reserve Grand Champion, FFA Market Division
  • Anthony Underwood, Third Place, FFA Market Division
  • Alyssa Dobson, Reserve Grand Champion, FFA Breed Stock Division

New RHS teacher ready for first day of school (KVEW-TV)

After spending over 10 years in education working in human resources and as a school attendance secretary, Richland High School teacher Marta Jisa is finally fulfilling her dream of being a classroom teacher. "I liked what education meant and what schools are doing for the community and I wanted to be a part of it, I wanted to be on the front lines of that," said Jisa.

RSD bus driver talks about keeping kids safe on the road (KVEW-TV)


Kids are heading back to school this week which means school buses will once again be hitting the road. Richland School District bus driver Ron Arthur has been driving buses for seven years now. He said the biggest thing drivers need to be aware of is the 8-way flasher system.

Getting kids ready for school (Tri-City Herald)


The number of students who show up to school behind in their studies is something one Tri-City businessman said he hears about regularly. Mike McWhorter's wife, a second-grade teacher, tells him about the students who show up to the first day of school not reading at their grade level or lacking valuable social skills. McWhorter was one of about 30 business and community leaders at a fundraising breakfast Thursday morning for Partners for Early Learning, an organization stemming from a Richland School District initiative.

Public invited to review boundaries option


The Richland School District Boundaries Revisions Committee has been working since March to develop options for new elementary boundaries. With the District’s tenth elementary school opening next August, elementary boundary lines must be adjusted prior to the 2015-16 school year. All community members are invited to take a look at the recommended option and give their feedback at a public input meeting on Thursday, September 11, 6:30 pm, at White Bluffs Elementary School.